REDFA Public Documents

REDFA has consistently represented the interests of members over the last few years at local and national level. Reports, projects and other documents relating to this work can be downloaded here.

Project Date Format
REDFA/NWATFCC Motion on Cessation of Open Cage Salmon Farming Operations 2017 PDF
REDFA response to UU Dalston Hydro Scheme Abstraction Licence Application 2017 PDF
The 2015 Eden Annual Monitoring Report 2016 PDF
REDFA response to UU Dalston Hydro Scheme Planning Application 2016 PDF
REDFA response to UU Water Resources Plan Consultation 2016 PDF
REDFA response to UU Drought Plan Consultation 2016 PDF
REDFA Response to the 31.03.16 Ullswater DPO and Environmental Assessment Report 2016 PDF
River Eden 2016 Migratory Angler Codes 2016 PDF
Eden Fisheries Plan 2016 PDF
Eden News Update 2015 PDF
EA Communiqué: England Salmon Summit 2015 PDF
Eden Valley Junior Angling Events 2015 PDF
Eden 2015 Conservation Measures & Tagging Scheme 2015
Workshop. Notes and Key messages 2014 PDF
Eden Fisheries Plan Actions Table 2014 PDF
EA Eden Salmon Data & Conservation steps 2014 PDF
REDFA 2013-14 Fisheries returns & Tagging proposals 2014 PDF
NE Eden Piscivorous Licensing 2014 PDF
Angling Trust Area Predation Pilot 2014 PPSX
Corby Weir developments 2014 PDF
River Eden Migratory Conservation Measures
2014. Background - declining stocks
2014 PDF
River Eden Catchment Migratory Rod Fishery
Conservation Measures 16.06.14
2014 PDF
Salmon Conservation Measures 2014 – River Eden. Brian Shields Environment Agency 2014 PDF
Eden Angler Survey: Realising the Eden’s Angling Potential 2014 PDF
Eden Angler Survey: Calling all Anglers 2014 PDF
Bird Count. Eden Catchmnt Area. 16.03.14 2014 PDF
Eden Fisheries Plan. Draft 5. Part 1. P 1-19 2014 PDF
Eden Fisheries Plan. Draft 5. Part 2. P 20-74 2014 PDF
Association, Clubs, Fisheries comments on the EFP  2013 PDF
EFP Process and Progress 2013 PDF
Anglers View of Sea Survival of Solway Salmon 2013 PDF
River Caldew. Repairing Erosion 2013 PDF
Eden Fisheries Plan Draft 4 13 2013 PDF
Scotby. Proceedings of the EFP Workshop 2013 PDF
Scotby. Eden Fisheries Plan (Gareth Pedley) 2013 PPT
Scotby. Corby Fish Counter (Andy Gowans) 2013 PDF
Scotby. Caldew Salmon Decline (Andy Gowans) 2013 PDF
Scotby. Corby Weir Investigation (Mike Ashwin) 2013 PPT
Scotby. Angling for Eden (Adam Brown) 2013 PPT
Scotby. Saving Eden (Simon Johnson) 2013 Link
REDFA response to drought order consultation 2013 PDF
Monitoring and Assessment (Nigel Milner) 2012 PPT
Fisheries management plan (Simon Johnson) 2012 PDF
Fisheries management plan (draft) 2012 PDF
Fisheries management plan (Jez Westgarth) 2012 PPT
The Future of Corby Weir 2012 PDF
Angling Interests - "The role we play" 2012 PDF
REDFA Statement. Corby Wier and Fish Counter 2012 PDF
HAAF Netting on the Solway Firth (Big Issue) 1 2009 PDF
HAAF Netting on the Solway Firth (Big Issue) 2 2009 PDF,
HAAF Netting on the Solway Firth (Big Issue) 3 2009 PDF
HAAF Netting on the Solway Firth (Big Issue) 4 2009 PDF
Acid Rain - 25 Year Study 2008 PDF
River Caldew bridge at Carlisle 2008 PDF
Marine Bill 2008 PDF
Stocking Review (EA Summary) 2008 PDF
Stocking Review (EA letter) 2008 PDF
Environment Agency Bulletins 2008 PDF
Leak ruined our fishing (Eamont pollution) 2008 PDF
3rd Annual Review of Wet Sleddale water bank 2008 PDF
River Eden - Untited Utilities extraction point   PDF
REDFA and the Environment Agency 2007 PDF

REDFA Annual Reports

REDFA publishes a comprehensive report each spring. Reports are compiled by the secretary and detail all important activities undertaken by the General Purposes Committe during the year.

Report Date Format
Annual Report 2016 PDF
Annual Report 2015 PDF
Annual Report 2014 PDF
Annual Report 2013 PDF
Annual Report 2012 PDF
Annual Report 2011 PDF
Annual Report 2010 PDF
Annual Report 2009 PDF
Annual Report 2008 PDF
Annual Report 2007 PDF
No report 2006 No report
No report 2005 No report
Annual Report 2004

REDFA Workshops

Workshops run by REDFA are open to members of the public.

Title Date Format
Wreay Workshop: Notes 2014 PDF
Wreay Workshop: EFP Next Steps and Events 2014 PPT
Wreay Workshop: CAA Salmon and Sea Trout Conservation Proposals 2014 PPT
Eden Fisheries Workshop 2013 PDF

REDFA Archives

These documents record issues from the past that are of interest to anglers today.

Title Date Format
Water abstraction from Victorian times 2013 PDF
EA - Water quality (Response to OFWAT) 2004 PDF
Management of cormorants on Haweswater 2002 PDF
Eden Grayling 1952 PDF
Formation of REDFA 1951 PDF